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Jean on a date with her dream guy Shawn finds herself thrown into another world as her look alike lotus , whos personality couldn't be more different... Will she ever find a way to make it out of there before even weirder things happen to her? Will she ever get to see Shawn again? This is a fantasy-Shojou attempt to rewrite improve and basicly-destroy-all-but-the-over-used-names-of-the-characters-that-belong-in-my-very-first-comic-ever that was badly drawn nine years ago (before i knew what manga was) Things are a bit confusing right now but Im trying to weave it together to make more sense , it shall eventually! Feel free to drop by with advice and critique <3 currently in the process of editing the layout , links are a bit crazy. Updates : At least once a week if I can help it .


Should be back Soon

I know its been a long while , but I'll be working on this comic again soon. If your wondering I live in a place without internet and work on a desktop. YET i recently invested in a tablet ....

I have a handful of old art and pages (they look terrible lol)that I'll be submitting soon , But I would like re-vise the script and tackle some new pages so the next time I upload It will probably be alot :< Hopefully. I also have a costume catalog I use for refrence for myself , Im considering uploading the sketches but ...maybe not. If anyones reading this , thank you for still remembering me .

In the end Ive decided Im going to finish this experimental comic even if it kills me before I move on to the next comic ...T.T So i just need to work harder and stop being art lazy .

posted by skystears @ November 30th, 2014, 5:24 pm  -  0 comments

So I have been missing for a bit...I am in fact alive.

Well Its been awhile. Due to school , and work , and in confidence (lost one fan got sad like an idiot and didn't wanna draw tos) I have been away with no updates for months ...cause I'm a moron. However I started sketching some roughs for some pages , and Am determined once this semester is over , to draw more then ever. This summer I'm going to be working , drawing and sleeping , nothing else! Not sure when Im going to begin posting again , hopefully soon , and my updates may be irregular for awhile. Im aware that currently this manga doesn't make much sense , but Im trying to tie up things together so that it does , hopefully it will as I have planned . Sadly ...soul eater has become a recent addiction due to my current boyfriend introducing me to it ...and that consumed much of my soul this week actually...
ANyway Fandom , school work , work and a social life really like to suck you dry dont they?
I am in fact alive though , just havent shown my face much this last year...XD
My friend Sarall by the way completed her comic recently so if you havent read it , you should. Its inspired me to continue and move on with my comic see a friend finish their comic will do that I think...
Anyway enough random chatter from me , have a happy easter everyone...!

posted by skystears @ April 8th, 2012, 6:42 pm  -  0 comments


Yep Im officially back from Hitus , Will be updating a page a week or more

posted by skystears @ July 7th, 2011, 11:28 pm  -  0 comments

WILL be back soon

I have much reason to be happy ,I also have one reason to be unhappy...
I finally got everything I needed , my own appartment (I have to share with roomates at a local college but like no biggie...)
Full time at my one job so I could quit the second one...
A new drawing tablet
Internet with no limitation ....

But sadly in all this the person I loved more then anyone in the world fell out of love with me after three years of being together...He just , doesn't feel anything for me anymore afer finally telling me a second time ...having earlier dropped hints and even said he took back what he said earlier and that he loved me ...he made it quite clear....

So yeah...Bit bummed about that ....
I plan on getting revenge by becoming the sexiest person in the small county i live in and never glance a look in his direction ever Updates will be once a week when im off hitius but sadly no more then that...I had to drop it from DREAM since I dont have enough time in a month or two I'll be back and ready for action...and in a year from now , I'll be breaking hearts after much planned work out and cosmetic makeover....../cough'
this is un-comic related.....
ANYWAY Letting everyone know Im alive <3

posted by skystears @ May 25th, 2011, 3:03 am  -  0 comments

Sorry for the hitius

Im sorry for the lack of warning on the hitus , and the temporary continuation of it ...its a very long story though I'll try to make it short

Mom + Jail
Mom+ lack of job
Lack of job +Rent = Bye bye appartment
Me living in appartment at the time , am forced to move with her and my brother without much warning in the middle of the country where i get flooded in when it rains and theres bears and stuff....
No internet
Tablet decided to finally die on me
Slight mental instability
Got a second job
and I just reserved an appartment in someones basement that I'll move into within the next month

I DID get a new tablet which is wonderful Im starting again to work on pages however due to my lack of internet you wont be seeing them for like a month ...sorry :<

Miss you internet friends!
<3 sky
I have to stop stealing the wendys wi-fi and get to work now

posted by skystears @ March 22nd, 2011, 3:37 pm  -  1 comments

Returning with Pages In December

Im not dead despite the long unwarned hiatus , starting December 8th I will be starting on weekly page updates . The Next 10 pages will be featured in the December Issue of Dream On December 1st , so there's where you should go if you want to see the pages before they are submitted to Smackjeeves. (Usually this works the other way around for the manga artist in Dream , But Im doing things this way for a few months probably.

The Actual site will have none working Links for sometime till I have time to update , please be patient with me.

posted by skystears @ November 15th, 2010, 12:35 am  -  0 comments

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