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So I have been missing for a bit...I am in fact alive.

Well Its been awhile. Due to school , and work , and in confidence (lost one fan got sad like an idiot and didn't wanna draw tos) I have been away with no updates for months ...cause I'm a moron. However I started sketching some roughs for some pages , and Am determined once this semester is over , to draw more then ever. This summer I'm going to be working , drawing and sleeping , nothing else! Not sure when Im going to begin posting again , hopefully soon , and my updates may be irregular for awhile. Im aware that currently this manga doesn't make much sense , but Im trying to tie up things together so that it does , hopefully it will as I have planned . Sadly ...soul eater has become a recent addiction due to my current boyfriend introducing me to it ...and that consumed much of my soul this week actually...
ANyway Fandom , school work , work and a social life really like to suck you dry dont they?
I am in fact alive though , just havent shown my face much this last year...XD
My friend Sarall by the way completed her comic recently so if you havent read it , you should. Its inspired me to continue and move on with my comic actually...to see a friend finish their comic will do that I think...
Anyway enough random chatter from me , have a happy easter everyone...!

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